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Appalachian Song
Forever within the memories of my heart.
Always remember, you are perfectly loved.

Bertie Jenkins has spent forty years serving as a midwife for her community in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Out of all the mothers she’s tended, none affects her more than the young teenager who shows up on her doorstep, injured, afraid, and expecting, one warm June day in 1943. As Bertie and her four sisters tenderly nurture Songbird back to health, the bond between the childless midwife and the motherless teen grows strong. But soon Songbird is forced to make a heartbreaking decision that will tear this little family apart.

Thirty years later, the day after his father’s funeral, Walker Wylie is stunned to learn he was adopted as an infant. The famous country singer enlists the help of adoption advocate Reese Chandler in the hopes of learning why he was abandoned by his birth parents. With the only clue he has in hand, Walker and Reese head deep into the Appalachian Mountains to track down Bertie Jenkins, the midwife who holds the secrets to Walker’s past.

For fans of historical and Southern fiction comes a poignant story of love and sacrifice set in the heart of Appalachia.

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She was so sure she knew her family’s story . . . Now she wonders if she was wrong about all of it.
1969. When Mattie Taylor’s twin brother was killed in Vietnam, she lost her best friend and the only person who really understood her. Now, news that her mother is dying sends Mattie back home, despite blaming her father for Mark’s death. Mama’s last wish is that Mattie would read some old letters stored in a locked trunk, from people Mattie doesn’t even know. Mama insists they hold the answers Mattie is looking for.

1942. Ava Delaney is picking up the pieces of her life following her husband’s death at Pearl Harbor. Living with her mother-in-law on a secluded farm in Tennessee is far different than the life Ava imagined when she married only a few short months ago. Desperate to get out of the house, Ava seeks work at a nearby military base, where she soon discovers the American government is housing Germans who they have classified as enemy aliens. As Ava works to process legal documents for the military, she crosses paths with Gunther Schneider, a German who is helping care for wounded soldiers. Ava questions why a man as gentle and kind as Gunther should be forced to live in the internment camp, and as they become friends, her sense of the injustice grows . . . as do her feelings for him. Faced with the possibility of losing Gunther, Ava must choose whether loving someone deemed the enemy is a risk worth taking, even if it means being ostracized by all those around her.
Releases October 1, 2024
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*2023 Christianity Today Book Award (Fiction)*

*Starred Review*
"Shocklee's novel is like the coffee at the Maxwell House: good to the last drop."
~Library Journal

"Shocklee delivers a riveting historical romance set at the famed Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville...This is a timely and expertly crafted tale."
~Publishers Weekly

1961. After a longtime resident at Nashville’s historic Maxwell House Hotel suffers a debilitating stroke, Audrey Whitfield is tasked with cleaning out the reclusive woman’s room. There, she discovers an elaborate scrapbook filled with memorabilia from the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. Love notes on the backs of unmailed postcards inside capture Audrey’s imagination with hints of a forbidden romance . . . and troubling revelations about the disappearance of young women at the exposition. Audrey enlists the help of a handsome hotel guest as she tracks down clues and information about the mysterious “Peaches” and her regrets over one fateful day, nearly sixty-five years earlier.


*2021 Christy Award Finalist*
*2021 Selah Award Finalist*

A story waits to be told. When young Lorena Leland begins to write it down, what she discovers will change her forever. 

*Starred review*
Shocklee (The Planter's Daughter) beautifully unveils Frankie's past while developing Lorena's awareness of inequality. Though set years ago, this title resonates today, as many struggle with the same issues and questions of racial reconciliation. With its haunting message of forgiveness, this is a must-buy for any Christian or historical fiction collection.
~ Library Journal

Shocklee (The Women of Rose Hill) elevates the redemptive power of remorse and the grace of forgiveness in this moving saga. ~ Publisher's Weekly

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History. Hope. Healing.

History teaches us about life. About hope. And about healing. As an author of historical fiction, I make every effort to let the lives of my characters shine a light on the hope and healing found only in Jesus Christ. I don't make it easy on them, because life is not easy. They must go through the same trials and tribulations that you and I experience walking this earth. 

But there is hope! There is healing. Just look through history.

Thanks for stopping by. God bless you as you create your own history!


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